Current Projects

Penguin Feather Rachis Material Properties

Research rotation with Dr. Kevin M. Middleton studying the material properties of the specialized feathers of penguins and comparing them to known aerial feather rachises.

Past Education

Macaque Locomotion

XROMM analysis of intertarsal rotation in Macaca mulatta at the University of Chicago with collaborators Callum Ross, Michael Granatosky, and Myra Laird.

Past Projects

Research Interests

  • B.A. Boston University

Advisors: Jeremy DeSilva, Matt Cartmill

  • M.S. Mercyhurst University
    ​          Advisors: Heather Garvin, Luis Cabo
  • Ph.D. University of Missouri

                 Advisor: Carol Ward

Current Position

A. afarensis Metatarsal Morphology

A collaborative project analyzing the morphology of A.L. 333-160 and comparing it to extant primates in order to assess lateral foot stiffness in A. afarensis.

Evidence of fatal skeletal injuries on Malapa Hominins 1 and 2

A forensic anthropological assessment of trauma associated with the holotype and paratype of the South African hominin fossil species Australopithecus sediba​.

The Effect of the Achilles Tendon on Trabecular Structure in the Primate Calcaneus

UROP funded undergraduate thesis supervised by Dr. Jeremy DeSilva at Boston University assessing trabecular patterns in the calcanei of humans, chimpanzees, baboons, and gibbons.

Frontal Browridge Covariation

Master's thesis with Dr. Heather M. Garvin and Luis Cabo looking at the relationship between browridge and frontal morphology in modern human groups.

  • Functional Morphology
  • Lower Limb Anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Miocene Hominoids

Geometric morphometrics

Quantifying shape differences among the calcanei, tali, cuboids, and naviculars of a diverse range of anthropoid primates.

  • Research Assistant, Penn State University​

                Supervisor: Tim Ryan